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Paragraf Plus Advokater
Rådhusstræde 6, 2. sal, 1466 København K
Telefon: +45 7199 4044

About Paragraf Plus

In Paragraph Plus you get concrete and simple advice without exotic sea explanations. Often it is not that complicated at all.

The law firm that speaks your language

Paragraf Plus gives you straightforward and simple advice without overly complex explanations. Often, things are not that complicated.

We help you consider your options, and we are not afraid to give you a specific recommendation. We prefer to give good and honest advice rather than popular here-and-now advice.

As our customers, you get a reliable sounding board regarding all aspects of your business or organisation. Including matters that are not specifically linked to the law.

If you need assistance with something that neither you nor we possess the skills to address, we do our utmost to help you find other specialists. We would also be happy to coordinate the entire team to make your life easier. This means that you can better focus on your core business.

What is the price of legal assistance?

Our firm only invoices you for the advisory services you receive. Our prices are transparent, so there is no need to fear a surprise in relation to your lawyer's invoice.

For many tasks, it is possible to obtain a fixed price for our work. For other tasks, we invoice you for time spent. This is typical for ongoing advisory tasks.

When we settle according to time spent, we always give you a price estimate in advance. You pay once a month, so it is easy to stay updated on what you are paying for.

We can help you with legal assistance regardless of whether you are looking for a full-service agreement with lawyers Bruno Månsson and Lene Juel, or you only require legal assistance for limited tasks.

Vi rådgiver

We have a large number of foundations and associations that we are proud to represent.