The law firm that speaks your language.

Do you need a lawyer?

If you are looking for a lawyer specialising in foundations and associations, tax, compliance or employment law, you have come to the right place.

Paragraf Plus is a law firm that speaks your language. You do not need a law degree to understand what we say. The law is complicated enough as it is. No reason to wrap it up in lengthy explanations and legal jargon.

We provide advice to non-profit and commercial businesses keeping an eye on the entire picture. This means that we do not just treat the "symptom", we offer a complete solution to the problem.

Availability is a substantial part of our service. When you call us, you will always reach your lawyer directly. The direct and ongoing contact means that we can nip problems in the bud.

Paragraf Plus is operated by seasoned lawyers Bruno Månsson and Lene Juel.

If you would like us to help you too, please call +45 71 99 40 44 or send an email to Bruno Månsson or Lene Juel.