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Do you want to get a handle on your employment law?

You need to ensure that you have the right employment contracts and to optimise your incentive structure. It can be a costly mistake if an employment contract is not in order, both during the employment and when the cooperation with an employee ends in case of sickness etc.

There are a number of matters which it is important to consider:

  • What are you permitted to ask at a job interview?
  • Should the employment contract be fixed-term or permanent?
  • With our without a trial period?
  • With or without non-competition clauses etc.?
  • Which salary and benefits should the employee have? And how about taxes?
  • What applies in case of sickness? Or in case of maternity or parental leave?
  • What are your options for terminating the contract? Summary dismissal? Release from the duty to work? Suspension?
  • May you post an employee’s photo and contact information on your website without asking their permission?
  • May you use photos of your employees in advertisements for your business/organisation?
  • We can help you with employment law issues, ensuring, of course, that you comply with the legislation. We can also help you optimise the incentive structures to support the common goals – both yours and those of your employees.